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It is only too obvious that everybody has their own personal tricks and tips on how to be healthy and what to do to boost motivation in a treadmill of daily work. Naturally, the ultimate advice here is to listen to your inner self. Body and mind know so much better what we need and are always giving us hints, so why not be responsive to their voices!

Being on good terms with yourself as a person, trusting yourself as a teacher, interacting positively with people around you all contribute to The Feel Good Sense – which is key. Do you feel it? If not, it’s well worth making a stop in your routine at times in order to take a reflective look from the outside. Such breaks have proven to be extremely useful to me. Their refreshing potential can be very empowering.

As this blog title supposes that I share my own perspective my post might look like a collection of imperatives, but of course these are just my ways of dealing with the imminent stresses of my own life. Take from it what you will:

*      Socialize and draw good vibes from good people. Find the time for your family and closest people, your friends and colleagues, both online and offline. Inspiration comes from so many sources, and motivation runs on the inspiration you get. I get mine to a large extent from the fabulous PLN I have built (and am still in the process of building), and the iTDi Associates who make up a large part of my passionate learning network.

*      Talk to your students about what you’re all doing in class, ask for their opinions, and appreciate their views.  Draw motivation from students’ responsiveness and feedback. The friendly rapport we establish can also be a fruitful way to enhance our teacher imagination. I feel it very acutely that every time I’m open in a lesson, it is sure to give way to more inspirational ideas. Staying open-eyed for our students’ reactions requires dedication and work from a teacher, but it pays off with great benefits!

*      Experiment and improvise. Tackle problems with creativity, and perceive them as challenges.

*       Do what brings you joy and try to avoid the mundane. When you have to handle boring issues, get done with them as quickly as possible and never let them occupy your mind.

*      Take a lot of rest and also take your mind off work matters regularly. Even though you love your work so much (as I’m sure you do), recharging is essential. I love to take warm baths, read Psychologies magazine, drink fruit tea and watch my favourite TV series, of which there are so many. Simple pleasures!

Make notes! Creative ideas are so transient, so make sure you catch the butterfly when it flies your way. Being the notebook addict that I am, I take an exceptional pleasure in making all different types of notes in all those different notebooks that I have. I’ve written about my addiction in detail in a post here.

*      Do some physical activity regularly, whatever feels good for your body, and your mind does not repel.

*      Eat healthy food of bright natural colours. Let’s admit it, vegetables and fruit look beautiful, and so they taste beautiful, too. Besides, an apple a day… you know.

*      Listen to the music that inspires you – and sing along with it! One of my many latest personal favourites is The Sound of Violence“ by Cassius in one particular remix version.

*      Keep it fresh. Don’t let your view of life get blurred.

*      Seek inspiration, from both within and outside!

*      SMILE and enjoy the springtime!! =))

I don’t always stick to all of the points, but I like to praise myself every time I do stick to some of these, and I can tell you – carrots are more effective than sticks. It would be very exciting to know what your several tips are. Please share some!

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Anna Loseva

Anna Loseva is a Russian teacher of English in a university in Tokyo. She curates the iTDi Blog, writes (mostly about teaching and learning) on her own blog at, and co-runs Reflective Practice Group in Tokyo. Other than that, Anna spends time reading, travelling, doing yoga, and learning more about sketchbook art. Anna is passionate about teacher AND student self-development and she strongly believes that fruitful education process is driven by the mix of positive thinking, inner as well as outer motivation and avid curiosity.

7 thoughts on “Staying healthy and motivated – Anna Loseva”

  1. Hi, Ann! Loved your post and your great ideas! 🙂
    I guess we all have our personal tricks and tips and I do share all of them with you! And I’m sure most of us do, although it was great to have put them all together in your lovely post! Thank you!
    But I have to confess that the top one of your list for me is music! My “daily song”, as I like to call it, shows the world of how I’m feeling and at the same time motivates me to keep on feeling that or says it’s time to change it. And I bring this feeling to class to share with my students – happiness, sadness, anger, confusion, anxiety, whatever it is – and we work with it together. Sharing experiences and learning together – that’s one of the best things of being a teacher, isn’t it? 😉

    1. Hi Malu! Thank you for your comment, which I”ve just had the time to read through thoroughly! Sharing and learning together with students is the core principle of my teaching I have to say, so yess, I agree with you!!
      What are the recent daily songs of yours? It’s interesting to see how different things motivate us to different extent! For me music is definitely not the top, but it’s in the heart of my perception of my free time and the time when I’m in the car!!))
      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your story!)

  2. Dear Anna,
    Thanks for this wonderful post. I am very committed to staying healthy and motivated at work and in my everyday life.
    Right now, I look at the window and I see a big shinning sun, and it gives me so much energy. I listen to music while I have breakfast, and I love gardening and you know about my writing in notebooks addiction.
    One more thing, you are a source of inspiration for me and for many people and you are so young, you really learned a lot in a short time. As for me, it took a longer time …
    Every day I write what I am thankful for: like a hug, help, support I have been able to give someone, health, a walk, a call.
    Also I write a plan for the day, like three things I want to do this day. I try to include at least one thing that connects me with pleasure aside from classes. Like going to the swimming pool, or a walk that takes me to a cafeteria where I can sit on the street and enjoy a good read or just enjoy the nature. Or if it rains I look for a table by the window to see the power of nature.
    Thanks Anna
    hugs and have an awesome day

    1. Dear Debbie,
      thank you for your wonderful comment!! And foe kind words about me, you, know, these words of appreciation are the powerful driving force to get me going!

      I also write plans for the days, and even for weeks ahead, these are all plans of different kinds. I also include non-work activities into them..
      Though what I now understand I lack most is the one active hobby..I would be so happy to devote several hours a week to some activity which I”d be good at and which would be productive..I miss the feeling of being involved deeply in something. Like, when I was at school I had choreography classes, when I was at university I used to go climbing. What’s important – it was on a regular basis, and formal. Responsibility brings stronger commitment in my case.
      That’s what I”m thinking of now, to add to the list=)

      Keep enjoying the life Debbie, and being grateful – this is a great example to look up to!!


  3. I like your focus on connecting with other people for health and motivation. It’s a keeper!


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