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Welcome to the iTDi Blog

Welcome to the iTDi Blog

This issue is part 2 of the address to teacher and student well-being…

Teacher and Student Well-being (part 2)

with Patrice Palmer as guest editor

In Part 2 of the Teacher and Student Well-being issue, Marc Helgesen (Japan) shares happiness hacks based on the science of positive psychology, Chris Rush (USA) provides solutions for three of the most common issues related to working from home, and Patrice Palmer (Canada) poses the question (and attempts to answer) Well-being for all in Education: A lofty goal?


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Teacher and student well-being is an important topic, not only because of the global disruption due to the pandemic, but going forward as we learn to adjust and address arising issues of stress that impact the well-being of teachers, students and all school staff. In this issue, Theodora Papapagionotou (Greece) shares nine great ideas for teacher self-care, Pravita Indriati (Indonesia) shares a lesson idea (for a pre-teen class ages 10-11) to help students share their feelings about the pandemic lockdown, and Iván Aguilar (Perú) shares research gathered with approximately 70 teachers that includes their current and new self-care strategies.

Theodora Papapanagiotou

Teacher self-care matters
Theodora Papapagionotou