TEFLology sharing of an audio version of chapters from Small Changes

Recently, the TEFLology Podcast shared me reading some chapters from Small Changes. Some of my former students suggested that I record Small Changes so that an Audio Book version would be available. Those who suggested this were all fans of TEFLology. They like to listen to the podcasts as they work out or commute or even garden!.


The podcasts from TEFLology have made a very big contribution to professional development around the world.

But both for those whose first language or second or third language is English, having audio versions plus printed versions can be helpful. All of us miss some of what we hear and if we have a printed version to check or to follow as we listen we can master some new patterns or the use of some structural words and vocabulary that we are not very familiar with.

So I have started to transcribe the audio of the 29 videos that illustrate what I suggest in the printed and audio  versions of Small Changes.


I am attaching two that I just finished. One advantage of transcribing is that I realized that I could add remarks after the fact that grew out of comments and questions that teachers had after they watched the videos.


Enjoy, enjoy.



Transcript of Video 8 Self Reliance

Transcript of Video 12 Learning as Discovery

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