Quite a year for books on teacher education

In my Language Teaching Professionals blog I urged teachers to read Developing expertise through experience edited by Alan Maley and published this year, 2019.

Steve Walsh and Steve Mann edited The Routledge Handbook of English Language Teacher Education in 2019 also. Their book has twice as many chapters as Alan’s. But because many of the 39 chapters in the Walsh/Mann book are co-authored the number of voices is close to 3 times more than in Alan’s book.

The Steves dedicate their handbook “To all teacher educators.” But their book, like Alan’s I think is very useful for any teachers keen to understand what they do and develop their teaching.

There are suggestions for analyzing transcripts of our teaching–as you know a theme central to all of my writing and teaching. There are ideas for ways to select materials, on line sources for personal development, ways to develop networks with others, and on and on.

I have not read all of the chapters but following my urging of everyone to read one item 3 times rather than three items 1 time I have focused on a few chapters, mainly voices that were new to me and not native speakers of English.

The authors share experiences from all over the world and from the widest possible range of teaching situations.

As Dr. Martin Wedell writes on the back page of the book, The RHoELTE is “accessible, authoritative and comprehensive and up-to-date.”

Full disclosure–I have a chapter in the Routledge Handbook and Alan’s book. In both cases, my contributions have been much improved by the careful and supportive editing from the editors. Not only did the Steves and Alan select people so that we get a comprehensive overview of teacher education but they helped us all crystallize our ideas.

“Good on ya!”


John, Enjoy, enjoy.


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