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John has long been an advocate of careful self-observation, noticing small details, experimenting with original and varied procedures, factoring in the affective features of learning – and above all with challenging our routines, habits and preconceptions.


John F Fanselow’s journey began as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in Nigeria in 1961 at a teacher training college. John has worn many hats during his long career but his main interest remains challenging teachers to think about what happens in their own classrooms.

John’s seminal articles Beyond Rashomon and Let’s See have been reprinted in many anthologies, and formed the basis of his groundbreaking books Breaking Rules and Contrasting Conversations.

His latest book, SMALL CHANGES in teaching BIG RESULTS in Learning was published by iTDi  in 2017, on the 30th anniversary of his book Breaking Rules —called a groundbreaking book in Jeremy Harmer’s comprehensive ESOL methods book.



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