Table of Contents and Introduction to Small changes in teaching

IntroTable of Contents with video


Fellow explorers,

I am attaching The Table of Contents from Small changes in teaching, big results in learning and a printed copy of the Introduction to the Audiobook version of Small changes which will be available in the near future.

I am attaching the Table of Contents so those who buy the Audio book can look at the Table of Contents in printed form and select a section of interest. The book is not meant to be listened to in the numerical order of the sections. Rather, I invite teachers to select a title that intrigues or puzzles them.

I am attaching The Table of Contents as well so those who visit my blog can ask questions about titles in The Table of Contents or tell me to describe what is in a particular section of interest.

I hope that my blog can be interactive and that I can respond to your questions and comments and not just send messages

The Introduction I am attaching so you can read the rationale for producing an Audiobook version and to highlight themes from the book.

Enjoy, enjoy.


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