Table of contents for Small changes in teaching, big results in learning

Dear fellow explorers,

I titled my iTDi blog Teaching as discovery because that is what I think teaching is.

In the past, when I posted messages on my blog teachers who read them made comments or asked questions. These days it seems most people just read blogs and do not comment.

I am attaching the Table of Contents for my book in hopes that as you look at it some of the titles might intrigue you, or confuse you so that you will write a comment or question.  I can then comment on your question or your comment. In this way we can jointly explore your teaching and discover something new about it.


I am also attaching the printed version of the Introduction to what will be an audiobook version of Small changes which will be available in 2020.

Later I will send the audio version of the introduction.

Maybe these will stimulate you to raise questions just as I hope the Table of Contents for the book will.


Enjoy, enjoy.


Table of Contents with video numbers

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