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Fellow explorers,

In one of the videos that is available to those who buy Small Changes in teaching, big results in learning, I discuss standardized tests with two teachers. In our discussion I refer to an Informed Consent Form that I wrote as a satire on required standardized testing. Just as those who are in experiment using a new drug have to sign an informed consent form, I think those forced to take commercial exams should have to sign an informed consent form.

I am attaching the form, used in conjunction with video 19.

I am also attaching an article by Brian Tomlinson in which he points out a central flaw in so called standardized tests. He sent me the reference to the article after he read my Informed Consent Form saying he too had some objections to the test industry.

As I say in my book, don’t believe anything I say. What I suggest, what I write about I do to raise questions.

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