About Creating ELT Materials 2020

What participants will learn in the course.

About the course

Participants start the course by learning about the principles of materials development. They discover what makes materials effective and good and they examine a suggested framework for materials writing.

At the same time, from the beginning of the course, participants start building a portfolio of materials that can: (a) be used immediately with their own students (b) be easily adapted to use with other students.

Teachers will be encouraged to use the materials they make and, through a series of reflection activities, evaluate their effectiveness and explore ways to improve them or adapt them to use in other contexts. They will also be invited to join in a valuable peer evaluation scheme, sharing advice and commenting on materials.

With Katherine you will …

  • learn about the principles of material design
  • become familiar with a framework for materials writing
  • learn how to select and effectively adapt authentic materials for classroom use
  • learn how to create original materials for classroom use
  • learn how to create materials from student-generated content
  • have an opportunity to create a range of supplementary materials including:
    • materials for reading, listening, speaking and writing
    • exam practice materials
    • vocabulary and grammar activities
    • pair work activities
    • games & puzzles

This course includes a workshop component in which participants will build up a portfolio of their own materials. By the end of the course, successful participants will have the skills needed to create materials for many different contexts.

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