• We are immensely grateful for the testimonials and reviews shared by our growing global community of teachers. Particularly as a social enterprise, you remind us of why we do what we do. And you further motivate us to continue making a difference in people’s lives as we stay true to our mission. Thank you!
  • Accessible and Affordable Courses with World-class Content and Delivery

    • What makes iTDi different from other organizations is that you feel like you are in a community. The courses are very interesting, not only the material but also the opportunity we have to actually attend lectures with people from far, far away. How could I possibly have the chance to attend a course by Steven Krashen or Penny Ur or Vicki Hollett?
      Theodora, Greece
    • Because of iTDi’s belief in affordable professional development for all teachers, being involved in iTDi means I get to meet a lot of professionals from other countries, teaching contexts, and backgrounds with challenges, ideas, and ways of thinking that are totally new to me.
      Anne, Japan
    • I take a lot of courses online but I haven’t found courses for ESL teachers that are of such high quality and so practical as the iTDi courses.
      Sara, USA


  • I love that iTDi classes are small. I tried other online classes and MOOCs, but I always felt overwhelmed and isolated. When you join iTDi, you become part of a close-knit community that continues when the class is over. The classes are affordable. With the range of course fees, you can choose the fee that is affordable for you and your needs, as well as feel great knowing you are helping to support someone else get the same amount of training with your course fee. The community, administrators, and teachers are supportive. What I really like about iTDi is that you are studying and learning from and with teachers from around the world.
    Suzanne, USA
  • A Supportive Global Community Making a Difference and Changing Lives

  • I found iTDi when I was at the lowest point in my teaching career. I was nervous and lonely because I was trying to start a new school all by myself. But I was warmly welcomed by this incredible community, and since then, my life and teaching have never been the same. The support, encouragement and advice from this community of educators have inspired me to keep learning and sharing. iTDi has given me confidence to do things that I had never imagined doing before.
    Budi, Indonesia

    • I feel very happy and lucky to have attended this course. You made me feel very welcomed and appreciated. I needed a change in my professional life and you have given me the right incentives to make changes. Thank you very much for that and you will definitely see me in the future again.
      Toula, Greece
    • iTDi helped me begin to see myself as a “professional” as well as a teacher, and with each course mastered I gained a new degree of confidence.
      Ruthie, Japan
    • Faculty and the rest of the staff from iTDi are ever so nice. I feel more confident now as a teacher after taking the course. Thank you so much!
      Silvia, Spain


  • The first thing I loved was how welcoming the community is. People from all over the world had respect for the other participants opinions and shared knowledge freely and honestly- warts and all. The second thing was how professionally run the program was. To have access to an expert in their field, particularly when you live on a small island, is an amazing experience. Third, my teaching was really improved and the knowledge could be put to use immediately, to great effect.
    Sue, Jersey
  • A Shared Commitment to Ongoing Professional Development and Lifelong Learning

  • iTDi is like home to me. Ever since I joined the community I have received so much support and encouragement to be the best teacher I can be for my learners, and the courses I’ve taken are always insightful. Being far away from major cities and continuing professional development, I felt lonely and had no one to share ideas or discuss teaching with, or ask for guidance. In iTDi, I have all this, and the close contact with others has made the whole difference in my teaching since then. Thanks to iTDi community, I lost the fear of sharing my thoughts, beliefs and experiences with other teachers. I have people who care enough to spare their time and mentor me whenever I need mentoring. And thanks to them, I am the teacher I am today.
    Rose, Brazil


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