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Looking to advance your teaching career?
  • Deepen your knowledge about teaching and learning
  • Receive constructive feedback on classroom teaching skills
  • Get ongoing support from tutors, mentors and other teachers
Take a TESOL Certificate with iTDi What do you get?
  • A 130-hour, 16-week certified TESOL course
  • 45 practical and interactive, self-study lessons
  • World-class content written by leading ELT experts
  • 15 private tutorials via video-conference
  • A highly experienced and dedicated personal tutor
  • 8 hours skills practice with individual feedback
  • A 15-hour Final Project of your choosing
  • A one-year subscription to The Teachers’ Room
  • Online community support from fellow professionals
What do you need?
  • A stable Internet connection
  • 8-10 hours per week for self-study and interactive learning
  • The desire and commitment to improve your teaching
NOT ALL TESOL CERTIFICATES ARE THE SAME. These days it seems like anyone can offer a TESOL certificate! iTDi has built an international reputation for quality, because everything we do is for teachers, by teachers. We are dedicated, established professionals who know that being a teacher means a never-ending commitment to learning. Moreover, we believe that everyone who wants to improve deserves a chance to do so. That’s why we have been offering accessible, affordable and practical teacher development opportunities online since 2012, with scholarships available to selected teachers.

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The iTDi TESOL Certificate

The iTDi TESOL Certificate offers one of the best ways to improve your teaching. Why? Because research shows that teachers flourish when they receive: 1) deeper knowledge about teaching and learning, 2) Constructive Feedback on classroom teaching skills, and 3) ongoing support from a mentor. The iTDi TESOL Certificate specifically addresses these three important factors. Firstly, our materials are written by highly respected leaders in the ELT field such as Scott Thornbury, Adrian Doff and our team of experienced teacher trainers from around the globe. Our writers focus on the knowledge that teachers need to know in order to maximize learning and student satisfaction. Secondly, the basic and advanced teaching skills that you will practice online will help you provide clear, engaging, and meaningful lessons in any context or at any level. You will practice these skills online with your private tutor, throughout a series of regular sessions, and always receive constructive and practical feedback. All of our iTDi Tutors are highly experienced ELT professionals — not only uniquely qualified, but also genuinely committed to your success as a teacher. Finally, no matter what TESOL Certificate you take, nothing prepares you fully for the endless challenges that we all face in the classroom. From experience, we know that most of your growth and development will come from trying new things, and reflecting on them with your tutor and with other like-minded teachers. Therefore, the iTDi Certificate includes a one-year subscription to our global online community in The Teachers’ Room, where teachers gather to meet like-minded educators, ask questions about teaching, share ideas that work, and help one another grow.




engage with professionals
  • Online lessons Created by internationally respected faculty
  • Virtual classroom Can be accessed from any device
  • International mentors To encourage and guide teachers
  • Global community Teachers from over 90 countries
  • Private forum A safe and secure place to collaborate and share ideas
  • Live sessions Webinars with our experienced teacher trainers and faculty
  • Face-to-face training Expert workshops with local and international trainers
  • Certification Evaluation and verification of learning accomplishments
  • Digital portfolios Teachers create a digital record documenting their growth
  • Resource library Exclusive access to course materials and lesson plans
TESOL Certificate
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