Small Changes in Teaching Big Results in Learning – Videos

John F. Fanselow

John’s reasons for transcribing videos

1 Description of videos ES

2 Oral Reading

3 Read and Look Up

4 Read and Look Up Pointing

5 Read and Look Up Chanting

6 Read and Look Up Mistakes Writing

7 Incomplete or Complete Information

8 Self reliance Now I Learned How to Do it

9 Students Writing Teachers Questions

10 Touch typing

11 Redundancy Nothing Not Rather

12 Learning as Discovery Dismounted

13 School Knowledge World Knowledge

14 Using Icons Objects to Generate Language

15 The Richness of Images Sketches for Creating Language

16 Transcribing

17 Some Ways to Group Questions

18 Some More Ways to Group Questions

19 Obsession with tests

20 Alternatives to pre reading warm up activities

21 Alternatives to pre reading language activities

22 Alternatives to post reading activities

23 Alternatives to vocabulary cards

24 Flawed English Flawed Thinking Pair and Group work

25 Alternatives to tests and grades speaking

26 Gestures count for nothing in spoken tests but 10 to X in everyday speaking

27 Conversations about Part 2 Chapter 9 Analyzing

28 How I became interested in observation

29 From Uyo to Tokyo

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