Self-publishing for ELT Professionals 2019 (Certificate of Distinction)


with Dorothy Zemach.

Have an idea for a book, but not sure how to get it off your computer and into other people’s hands? This workshop is for you! In this four-week course, every participant will create an original ebook—it could be lesson plans, exercises for students, essays and reflections, research results, or whatever strikes your fancy! Not every work will be something suitable to sell, but you’ll learn the entire process from evaluating an idea, revising the material, soliciting feedback, and formatting and publishing in ebook format (longer works could also create paperback books). This is more than just a “how to”—it’s the actual doing.

Everyone registering for this course is expected to:

  • Prepare and polish original material for an ebook
  • Attend (or watch recordings of) the four live sessions
  • Complete the discussion tasks and assigned readings
  • Post your own work and respond to the work of others

If you want to pursue marketing and selling your ebooks, register for the Certificate of Distinction. In addition to the feedback provided to all participants during the course, Dorothy will provide marketability critiques for teachers working toward this certificate.