Evaluating Digital Materials (Certificate of Completion)


with Pete Sharma

Our students are often light years ahead of us, using apps on their smartphones or online digital materials (ODMs) on their computers. These students rely on language teachers to help them select sound, appropriate digital content, and to show them how to use these materials effectively. The choices they face deciding on apps and ODMs are overwhelming! Studying and learning with such materials requires pedagogically sound strategies; offering advice and guidance is now firmly established as part of the language teacher’s role.

We talk with teachers all the time who deal with the following problems:

  • When are apps or online digital materials (ODMs) the best choice for learning?
  • What kinds of apps and ODMs are available for teaching and learning?
  • How do I choose the best ones for my students or for my context?
  • How do I prepare for and keep up with the ongoing explosion of ODMs?

We are now offering a one-month online course as a solution:

  • Take this iTDi Advanced Skills Course.
  • Join a network of like-minded educators focused on these questions.
  • Share information about apps and ODMs you know or have experienced.
  • Better understand the world of ODMs and build a rubric to make ongoing, better choices.

The course is for teachers, academic managers, ELT authors of digital materials, and teacher trainers interested in evaluation, digital materials, or both.

Participants working toward a Certificate of Completion will be expected to attend (or watch recordings of) live sessions, complete weekly tasks, and participate in discussions.