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TeacherTools.Digital is a platform for generating, assigning, and submitting a range of language teaching and testing assignments. It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops, and runs on all modern browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and iOS Safari. Teachers can log into the site with their Google or Microsoft account and start making assignments immediately. Students do not need to register with the site, and simply input their details when they submit an assignment, thus making onboarding for students super simple and easy.
EFL Magazine is the magazine for English language teachers. It features the latest and greatest information brought to you in the form of articles, audio and video. We aim to make your life better as a teacher and we want you to access the best people possible from the field of language learning. EFL Magazine recognises that you are a native English teacher, a non-native teacher, a director of studies, a publishing professional, a recruiter, a university lecturer, a small/large business owner, a student, a traveller to name but a few. The aim is to address you, your problems, frustrations and hopes.
ALT Training Online (ALTTO) is a free teacher training website designed specifically for ALTs working in Japanese public schools. The course consists of modules written by the people who know the teaching context best; ALTs themselves and leading academics working in the best universities in Japan. The course is fully integrative, so you are never on your own. ALTs read the modules, comment on reflection activities and share experiences on our social media platforms. There are 20,000 ALTs and we can work better as a team. In addition to the course site, we are developing a resources site for ALTs to upload their activities and conveniently download lesson plans, worksheets and activities that complement all the pages of all the books used in Japanese schools.
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