Our Mission

Where will 2019 take you?

We bring together language teaching professionals, from newcomers to veterans across the world in a wide range of contexts. Transcending all our differences, we share a common belief that:

“Being a teacher means a lifelong commitment to learning and growing.”

As a social enterprise, we are committed to offering affordable, accessible, and practical courses. We focus on developing practical teaching skills and a reflective teaching approach, with an online community steeped in trust, enthusiasm, and respect. We’re humbled yet honoured that teachers who invest in themselves through iTDi genuinely express their appreciation for a uniquely positive experience.

iTDi provides online professional development for language teachers with our highly-acclaimed Advanced Skills courses, #TESOL Certificates, and Great Minds in Language Education courses. We further strengthen our teaching and learning community with Monthly Facebook Live sessions and the #iTDiBlog. We also host global webinars plus offer blended solutions for institutions and individual teachers and future teachers.

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