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      Post a link to your work in progress here. You’ll need to upload your Word document to Google Drive, and then get a shareable link. Make sure that you choose permissions so “anyone with the link CAN COMMENT”. Not sure how to do this? There’s a tutorial in the HELP forum.

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      Here are the links to the documents (let me know if they’re not working).

      I have already converted the book to epub and mobi and it looks good.

      Let me know what you think.

      The Keepers


      The Teacher’s Guide (needs revision of one part due to recent name change of the country)




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      Great cover, too! Suggestions: Move “The” up a bit. Make your name as large as it will go and still fit in the orange space. Remember–most people will see your cover first as a thumbnail, so you usually want text as large as you can.

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      Kevin Ryan

      I pulled out a half dozen of the total 24 Concepts in IT with a selection of beginning topics (What is a Cloud?) down to the more advanced (Versioning and GitHub).

      This publication is aimed at both non-native speakers and those unfamiliar with tech in general. It tries to explain important concepts in IT using simple English. Think of it as a kind of “Cliff’s Notes” (study guides) or precis, a primer, to IT.

      I stripped out all of the pictures (surprisingly many) because I will have to search for new ones anyway (most are copyright). I think we deal with images next week.

      These Concepts are part of a Moodle Course I give to my seminar students so they know how to talk about tech in English. It also gets them to do it as homework. I have lots of questions (comprehehnsion, Discussion) for these Concepts, but have not added them here.

      I write most of my stuff in Google Docs, and find it odd to use MS Word in Docs. So here is a link to my Google Doc, open for comments. If anybody really needs to use the MS .docx format, let me know and I can set that up too.

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      Alex Semakin

      Hi everyone,

      Here is one unit from my book. The book is called Grammar Digs, so you can see that all the subtitles exploit the archaeological theme. My fancy coloured and shaded headings are all gone somehow. Gone, too, are the fonts when you first open it, but after you click Open with Google Docs at the top, you can see the fonts (but still not the fancy headings; I could post a .pdf to show them off, but I’m sure nobody would care :-). The empty lines for writing the answers on are a bit off – they look neat in my version of Word – but I suppose nobody will need them in an e-version anyway – only in a printed book.

      The first document is from the ‘Study Book’


      The second document is from the ‘Check Book’, with answers to the discovery activities and exercises.


      I have selected ‘anyone with the link can comment’ for both documents. I hope it works. Any feedback will be much appreciated.

      P.S. If anybody is interested, some of the characters of the Stories (the texts at the beginning of each unit) reappear in different units, so the learners can sort of relate to them, and there are little surprising twists and discoveries, eg the line about the service of getting people frightened is a possible clue to the mystery of the Story in another unit.

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        Alex Semakin

        For some reason unknown to me, when Dorothy added her comments, part of the story in the box and part of the dialogue disappeared.Β  Maybe it even happened before she added her comments, but I think I would have noticed then. Please click Open with Google Docs at the top to see the full texts.

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        I don’t know why it happened, either. Do you know how to use revision history to get back the lost portion?

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        Alex Semakin

        No, I don’t know that. Can you guide me?

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        Keep in mind that I’m looking at Google Docs in Chrome on a windows laptop. Things might look a bit different depending on your browser/device, but the general process is the same.

        When you have the doc open in google docs, click on “File” in the top navigation menu, and select “Version history” then “See version history”. You’ll go to a a page that has a list of times the document was changed on the right. You can click on each version and the doc in the window will show the changes, highlighted. There’s probably a version where you’ll see that text visible, and then the following will have it shown as deleted (or whatever happened). You can restore that version if you like. HOWEVER, you will lose any changes that came after (like, Dorothy’s comments). As long as you’re dealing with a block of text, I’d recommend copying the text that was deleted, then returning to the current version and pasting it where it belongs (without restoring the version so you don’t lose Dorothy’s comments). Alternately, you can make a copy of the doc with Dorothy’s comments (select “Make a copy” from the same “File” menu) and then restore to the version before text was deleted.

        Hope this helps!

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        Alex Semakin

        Barb, thanks for the instructions, but you see, after I click Open in Google Docs I can actually see the whole text. So all the past versions are the same. It’s on the first screen after one clicks the link – I don’t know what to call it – demo mode? (it still enables commenting though) – that chunks of the text can’t be seen. So I guess I’ll leave it as it is, and whoever wants to see the full texts will need to click the Open in Google Docs button.

        Yes, it’s me – Alex Funny-Glitch Semakin (got that name from the day I tried to pay for the course πŸ™‚ ).

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        It’s good that the text is all there! Must be a glitch with the preview mode, not you πŸ™‚

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      Denise Epp

      Hello, everyone! This is my first attempt at my class notes for my 4th-year Clinical Pharmacy English class. The textbook readings are very difficult for my students, even though they are supposed to be reading at this level. The notes are to help the students with comprehension by breaking down the 3-page reading of their textbook into smaller units and have them write the answers to the questions in their notebooks. I am a firm believer in learning by including as many senses as possible, so writing by hand is to help them process the information. I have the worksheets and handouts for my class and reformatted them to fit with the Smashwords guide. Once I got into the formating part of it, it was pretty fun to play with it and try out different things. The Japanese words could be formatted in so far, but who knows what will happen when I try to put it in epub. (So far the Japanese words were only to hyperlink it to the website.)

      Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HMraiX4wjVUcBQFf0f70tx8pbjZ4IMkp/view?usp=sharing

      PS. The instructions have been great and easy to follow!

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      Whew! Finally did mine! Or sort of. What I did was dump a bunch of old blog entries into one document. I have not been in to edit any of them, and I know some of them are old or have outdated links/information or (because they’re blog posts) say things like “Please let me know what you think in the comments.” I’m also not sure how they all hang together, and if there are any that should maybe just be eliminated altogether. Happy to hear people’s reactions! Especially to the question if any of them are not really interesting.

      Some of these I found my original documents for; some I couldn’t easily find and I copied down from the Azar site–those ones have more internal subheadings, which were put in by Betty’s editor because she said it made them easier to read online (which is true). So I haven’t decided if I want to keep subheadings in the book, or take them out, or go back and see if any of the others had subheadings online… thoughts welcome!

      Note that a few of them have internal images that are not posted (like the grammar checker one, which has notes in there about which screenshots I’m going to use).

      I think for the final version I’ll have one image per essay to illustrate the theme. But I haven’t decided on that for sure yet.

      I also haven’t decided on a title! I still really love my first book’s title (Answers May Vary), Β but alas, that has already been used. I think this one might be called She Was in a Lift with a Priest Who Sneezed, which is the title of one the essays (which I put last).

      I’ll need some frontmatter about how these all appeared on the Azar Grammar site.



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      Rebecca Valdovinos

      Hello Everyone,
      I’ve just uploaded my Introduction and Chapter 1 of my e-book. The working title I’m using at the present is:

      Mexican-American Women Don’t Have to Cook: One woman’s successful professional journey in the majority culture

      I’m on my way out to southern California tonight, so apologize for not being able to comment on your work uploaded on Google docs. I hope you can view mine. Here is the link:


      You will see that I’ve taken a different route toward this e-book. Dorothy mentioned that it would be best to use something we had already written and because this is my first venture, I have to admit this narrative has made the process more manageable for my first venture.


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      Matt Cotter

      Hi everyone,

      Here is a link to a one chapter of my graded reader. There are only 3 chapters in total and each is about a different character but intertwined some how with the other two.

      It is aimed at L2 readers in Japan, high school…early university. And sorry the glossary for Maori words is only in Japanese.



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      Judy Boyle

      Hi everyone! Ok, A short project for me – even the final title TBD.


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      Sam Berry

      Sorry, am a bit behind and a bit late with this one!

      Here’s a link to a couple of articles I plan to include in my collection of articles to use for my Media class. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qP8yUJTxLjfGpQGIzAjv3nB2zBUzUzWulaRWdf91B5Q/edit?usp=sharing

      I also went through the process of uploading via Draft2Digital and downloading a preview file in iBooks. It’s very cool, very straightforward, and great motivation to keep going. A little issue I noticed that may or may not pop up for others, though. Although “clear formatting” in word gives you clean text, it doesn’t remove hyperlinks. As some of my articles were originally blog posts, there were a few hyperlinks in the text. I assumed “clear formatting” would delete this, and indeed the text looked totally “clean”. However, when I previewed the doc in Draft2Digital, many words were suddenly blue. I thought it was totally random for a while, but then I realized they were all words that had been hyperlinked. Had to go back to the original word file and remove all the hyperlinks (on Mac fn+command+shift+F9 to delete all hyperlinks) and then reupload. It didn’t take long, but it’s definitely worth going through the uploading and previewing process a few times.

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        Alex Semakin

        What the conversion did to my text was remove all the auto-numbering, except in one exercise. Where it had been 1, 2, 3, 4, etc, it became 1, 1, 1, 1… However, in one exercise the numbering didn’t change. I have no idea why that exercise was different. I wrote to Dorothy and she recommended turning off the auto-numbering and putting the numbers in by hand.

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      Hi everyone! Here’s the link to my project.


      Hope it works.

      I’m running out the door to have breakfast with my father-in-law so will comment on your projects when I get back.


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        Hi Annette, you have this set to ‘view only,’ so no one can leave comments. Barb put instructions in the forum for how to set it to let people comment, if you need help. Or maybe you just forgot as you rushed out the door. πŸ™‚ I do have comments, though! I’ll put them down sometime this week.

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        Oh, Good Lord! I just thought everyone was particularly uninterested in my topic. I think I’ve changed the setting now. Let me know if you still have trouble. – Annette

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      Deborah Kellermann


      Hello Dorothy and Classmates, Above is my link with comments enabled to my document. I have included the jpeg and pgn images that I used. I will submit my cover page in a separate posting. My book is about journaling in the ELL classroom. I welcome your comments!

      Debbie Kellermann

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        Hi Debbie,

        This is set to view only. If you open in Google Docs you should be able to see a blue box on the page that says “view only” you should be able to use theΒ  drop down to change that to “comment”.

        Here’s a screenshot I took of your page:



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        Deborah Kellermann

        Barbara, Does that mean that is all you could see was the one page? and the other 11 pages weren’t uploaded ?


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        The pages are all there! I only took a picture of the first page because that’s where the permissions show.

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        Deborah Kellermann

        Thanks, Barbara! I just fixed it and reposted the link : ) I have a question. Do I send you my e-book cover as an email or do I post on Google Drive and get a shareable link? I already did the latter and posted the link in week # 2 homework!


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        As a shareable link. I’ve created the forum topic “Week 3: Works in Progress (Covers)”.

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      Deborah Kellermann


      Hello Dorothy and Class, Above is the link to only my coverage to my ebook. I made it during the last class!

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        Ha! You are already ahead on this week’s homework! πŸ™‚

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      Shi Min (Eunice)

      Hello Dorothy and everyone. πŸ™‚ Here are the links to Lesson 3 in my ebook. I have no idea how to make it look better. Somehow the page break and the numbered questions don’t work well on the last page. Any suggestion to improve this is welcomed.

      Word Version:


      PDF version:


      ePbub version:


      Mobi version:


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        I didn’t actually see anything funny about the page breaks… I tried to upload a screenshot but wasn’t able to, with this forum. I can ask Barb to help me figure out how later, if it’s possible.

        Skip a line between numbers, perhaps? If you think it looks crowded. Remember too that since your students aren’t writing in this book, you don’t need to make long lines to indicate blanks. I’d just use three ___ . That’s enough to indicate that there is a missing word or phrase. If you make a paperback, of course you’ll want those lines to be longer.


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      Deborah Kellermann


      Hello All, I updated this link to include being able to comment : ) I have only the intro and Chapter one in this uploaded document πŸ™‚ I have to do styles & format and add images to the rest : )

      Dorothy, I used indents for paragraphs and a space in between because I thought it looked visually more appealing. Please let me know if that works okay!

      I am looking forward to everyone’s comments πŸ™‚

      Debbie Kellermann

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      Denise Epp

      I finally got around to putting my nonformatted doc into the ebook converter (S2D) and here is the link to it. I had asked what would happen to the Japanese text, but it was actually a hyperlink, too, and you can see how it just put ???? for the Japanese and then gave it a footnote for the link. I’ll have to play around with it more and see how the Japanese words will sit. I can also see where I need to add spacing!



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      Anna Loseva

      Hi Dorothy and everyone,

      Here’s what the book will look like (only these are 10 activities only and I’m working on editing and including around 60). I put the file through Draft2Digital, and after a few attempts it looks alright..?

      I’m making it to look as simple as possible, literally just a collection of activities from the online sticky walls. Will add the basic info about the project at the beginning ofΒ  the book later…

      I will SURELY be messaging the people whose twitter handles are mentioned.



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      Michael Free

      Hello everyone,

      This is what the book will “look like”, I think. It’s pretty straightforward, as it’s just for the author’s students.There are some content errors (references the aren’t correct and / or non-existent), as I’m working with content that’s under revision currently.

      In any event, let me know what you think if you have a moment!


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