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      Post here if you run into problems sharing your assignments, or accessing our platforms, or questions about the course.

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      If you write your forum replies in Word or something similar, then copy and paste here, you may have noticed sone crazy coding surrouding your lovely writing. All of that code is usually invisible in your original docment, but when you paste it in our forum it becomes visible. If you write your answers out somewhere else before posting here, you’ll need to turn it into plain text before pasting. There’s more than one way to do this. A couple of simple ways that work with Word:

      select all and then click on “clear formatting”. This is in the Styles tab in word, and in the Format tab in Google docs

      use the paste option that allows you to match the destination document (usually “paste special”) or in newer versions of word you have an option to “paste as plain text”.

      If you can’t figure out where these controls are in your version of word (or wherever you are writing), you can usually get answers by googling “How do I paste as plain text in (name of your program)?”.

      This is also a PERFECT example of why we need to learn how to create “clean” documents before creating ebooks!

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      Here’s a tutorial to help upload, share, and comment on documents from Google Drive:

      And here’s the video version of the tutorial, if you prefer to watch rather than read:


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      Maria Anna Casoria

      I can’t download the mock book cover…the platform asks me to be a member of the course.
      Thanks in advance.

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        Hmmm. Odd. This is the first time we’ve used the drive feature in this platform. I’m on my phone now but will check permissions in the morning and if necessary I’ll email both covers.

        Sorry you’ve had problems with it.

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        Hi again, Maria Anna

        I tried this morning as a participant and was able to download the covers. From the course page, I went to Drive, and then just clicked on the thumbnails. They automatically downloaded. If you did that I’m not sure why it didn’t work, but it’s easy enough to email the covers, so I’ll do that.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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