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      Please feel free to ask any general questions here, as well as offer any comments, tips or suggestions for the forums, the lesson, course, etc. Thank you.

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      Loggin in/out

      When you log into the site, it’s good to check the REMEMBER ME box to stay logged in for that session. For security purposes and smoother running of the site, however, we suggest you log out when you finish that session.

      A friendly note: If you are and get logged out automatically (for any number of reasons), our helpful techies recommend you to (1) open <https://itdi.pro/community/> in a new tab, and use that to log back in, then (2) go back to the tab with the activity and either hit the ‘back’ or ‘refresh’ button.

      It is also beneficial for users to add lessons (and maybe activities temporarily) to Bookmarks, so that you can do a quick login then simply hit the bookmark.

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      Rhett Burton

      Curious – Did you change the questioning process at the bottom of the activity to a link in the forum? Before I could leave a comment on the page but now I click a link to the forum. I like… Is it possible to lock (pin) the Q/A at the top of the page.

      Module 4 > Unit 2 > Lesson 2: Role plays > Activity 8
      I want to say that I liked how iTDi has non native speakers as source content for its TESOL course. I feel it shows support for teachers.

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        Thank you for raising this, Rhett. We’re looking into it 🙂

        I’ll also look into moving these to fall under the relevant Module, perhaps along with the Reading & Resources would be easiest.

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      Rhett Burton

      A general Suggestion – I would love if the images in the module summary included people I know of, model or inspire to be like. I would love to see images of real people from the curated blog posts or courses. It could also be testimonials for how this module has changed a teachers practice. I see some potential game changing additions to this page.

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        That’s a great idea and a lovely suggestion. I’ll be asking you and Barbi first, too 😉

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      Rhett Burton

      Module 4 > Unit 2 > Lesson 3: Types of motivation

      I feel this is the first time in the course that I had to calculate how my responses provides a picture into my teaching process. I really liked this activity. I also feel like it is a door to discuss beliefs on rewards/motivation, etc. Sometimes I wish that ‘maybe’ would be offered as a suggestion because I don’t know based on any evidence of the frequency i do thing. Great Task.

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        Excellent to hear, Rhett. Was there any particular Activity or activities you had in mind or was it the lesson overall?

        Indeed, the role of rewards and motivation is another interesting area, including how the introduction of rewards can sometimes have unintended negative consequences (e.g. replacing an intrinsic inherent motivation (reward) with an artificial, extrinsic one).

        With ‘Maybe’ – the lesson author may have felt it allowed people to ‘sit on the fence’ and would result in too many maybes. Perhaps! 😉

        Incidentally, some people record and analyse their own teaching behaviours to better understand what’s motivating and demotivating their students.

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      Rhett Burton

      Module 4 > Unit 2 > Lesson 3: Types of motivation
      Learning Style Vs Teaching for the senses
      Fixed mindest Vs Growth Mindset – It would be great if you could incorporate them.

      Motivation is fuel for attitude.
      I like this simple phrases.

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