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EFT Lesson 4: Do we need classroom technology?

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      “Ways I can use different technology in my lessons.”

      What is some of the technology available to you in your teaching situation? Do you have access to computers? Internet? A video camera? Mobile phones? What are some of the ways you can incorporate the available technology in your lessons?

      Post your ideas in a reply below and comment on other teachers’ ideas.


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      <span style=”font-family: ‘Open Sans’; font-size: 15px;”>What is some of the technology available to you in your teaching situation? Do you have access to computers? Internet? A video camera? Mobile phones? What are some of the ways you can incorporate the available technology in your lessons?</span>

      I have internet connection in most classrooms, my own lap top and the class projector, also most students have a smarphone.
      I have though about using cell phones in class, either through educational apps or in-class activities that required internet, but I have mostly used slide projection and youtube videos.

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        Hi Larissa!

        Depending in the place you work, it is if you can use technology or not. In most of Argentinian´s school internet connection doesn´t exist so teachers have to plan very carefully the way to teach using technology. You have to download videos or tech resources before hand, bring your own computer because schools don´t provide them to you. So, it is hard work for us but we can do it.


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        Hey, I have been reading a lot about blended learning, trying to work out a way to engage students with off-classes materials and activities, but they always have very mixed reception. Some students access them, some totally ignore them unless I ask them to bring results for our next class. Technology requires a different learning culture maybe.

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      <span style=”font-family: ‘Open Sans’, ‘Helvetica Neue’, sans-serif; font-weight: 600;”>Do we need classroom technology?</span>

      Yes, the world relies on technology and it becomes part of one’s professional life just as part of our daily routines. It takes time though to plan and incorporate devices and resources into daily teaching when the institution and the students themselves find that learning and technology are not a good mix.

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      Vhanessa Barbosa

      I remember the days when I was exhausted to use technology, I mean I actually had no time to employ the use of technology at all in my class, no videos, no instructional games, just plain reading and answering activities in the book. The students were getting sleepy everytime they do that and when asked to sit erected, all they do was slouching and it made me so frustrated.

      I mean yes, we cant avoid to encounter this sometimes but what I basically realized is that, even without technology,we have to be creative in everything we do. We have to be resourceful enough to adapt the materials available around us. But ofcourse, and definitely, we need to utilize technology in our classroom activites. The use of this will help our students get engaged to the topic and they wont find it boring at a certain time. Also because by having instructional videos made by the teacher, instructional games, they will always get excited to look forward for the next lesson to be conducted. They will somehow be motivated to learn everyday.

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      Thuy Hang Le

      Classroom technology has played an important role in online teaching and e-learning due to school lockdown when the coronavirus keeps spreading all over the world. However, it is undeniable that technology cannot replace pedagogy.

      Therefore,when it comes to online language teaching teachers are supposed to plan their lessons just like their face-to-face lessons with regard to lesson aims, stages of the lesson.materials (links, websites, apps),language analysis ( pronunciation,form,meaning),procedure, possible problems and solutions ( technical issues). In fact, it is all about connecting ( building good rapport), communicating , and challenging students.Some rapport building questions like “What did you like about where you grew up?” or “What places do you most want to travel to?” really work in certain contexts.

      To improve communication in class there should be such interactive activities as: role-playing,doing a class survey,guessing the missing words, or asking different types of question with the help of video clips, short films, picture cards,…

      Challenging students means varying ,creating  tasks related to functional language.For example, ask students to look at the photo of foods or watch a short video clip about different types of foods , the teacher then asks them to list six fruits they can see (remembering and identifying them in the picture,find something which isn’t a fruit or vegetable ( comparing/contrasting), group the foods ( dividing/classifying),and create a recipe from the food in the picture ( creative thinking).

      In short, it can be said that classroom technology can help make teaching and learning more meaningful and integrating technology jn language teaching also helps students stay engaged. Nevertheless, teachers’ activity ideas , teaching techniques and methods are  factors which affect teaching quality.



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      I believe technology is very important regarding the world we are living now. Our students need to be connected more than ever.

      I use technology in the classroom a lot. I have three computers and I divide my students into groups to use them. Sometimes they use their smart phones if they have.

      Making videos, watching youtube songs or interacting with students from different parts of the world using English as a bridge are some of the activities we do using technology.

      Now, with this quarantine the use of technology has increased a lot  due to online classes. Last week I connected Gaza Strip´s students with mine using a zoom meeting. They could exchange experiences, talk about their lives and their culture! It was amazing and the students were really engaged to do it.


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