In this course you will learn how to publish your own ebook. You’ll learn how to analyze your audience, and how format a manuscript for self-publishing.


What you’ll learn

  • What is an ebook and how is self-publishing different from traditional publishing.
  • How to target your market, whether you are writing for your own class, school, or for the general public.
  • How to format your work for publication: How can you convert your document to standard ebook formats (.epub and .mobi)? What adjustments do you need to make to maximize the ebook format? How can you handle images and audio?
  • How does print-on-demand work for paperbacks? (Note: in this course, we’ll be primarily looking at ebook creation, because that can be done free of charge with a shorter learning curve. Formatting interior files and covers for paperbacks is more time-consuming to learn. Elements such as cover design can be outsourced, but that would require paying someone outside of this course.)
  • How to distribute your book. How do you know when your work ready to sell? Where and how should you sell it? Is it appropriate to distribute it some other way? And if so, how and where?
  • How to market and publicize your work. How can you make the world aware of your work? What is a reasonable price for your work?


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