Ongoing Research – Kieran

Research: NOT For Academics Only Kieran Dhunna Halliwell   How do you feel when you hear the words “research shows”? It used to grate on me and make me switch off because research was something academics, with high-brow qualifications did and having done an Open Degree through the Open University composed of a variety of … Continue reading Ongoing Research – Kieran

The Leadership Issue – Kieran

Leadership: How to Keep Your Boat Afloat … Kieran Dhunna Halliwell   “Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” – William Shakespeare What does it mean to be ‘great’? I googled the word to see how great was defined in various dictionaries. My … Continue reading The Leadership Issue – Kieran

The Culture Issue – Kieran

Why Think About Culture?   – Kieran Dhunna Halliwell Culture is a hot potato. It is the make-up of life and our environment, yet it is rarely discussed beyond food, clothes someone wears or a country of origin. When people talk about it, there seems to be safe areas to discuss, which allow for a superficial … Continue reading The Culture Issue – Kieran

Ongoing Research

What is research, who does it, and what are some directions it could take? In this issue Divya Madhavan, Josette LeBlanc, Nina Septina, and Kieran Dhunna Halliwell ask questions, provide answers, and point us in good directions. Divya Madhavan Josette LeBlanc Kieran Dhunna Halliwell Nina Septina   Connect with Divya, Josette, Kieran, Nina and other … Continue reading Ongoing Research

The Leadership Issue

What do we talk about when we talk about about leaders and leadership in education and elsewhere? In the iTDi Blog Leadership Issue Juan Alberto Lopez Uribe, Chris Mares, and Kieran Dhunna Halliwell lead the way with three very personal perspectives and a lot of good advice.   Juan Alberto Lopez Uribe Kieran Dhunna Halliwell … Continue reading The Leadership Issue