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Get your professional development certified with iTDi

Certificate of Accomplishment Extras: For those who sign up at the Certificate of Accomplishment level, you'll also receive an email from me five times a week during our month long course. Each email will include a short poem, a recording of me reading the poem, my own reflection on the poem, and some practices for you to try in and out of the classroom. These twenty emails are not included at the basic level.

Certificate of Accomplishment Work: For this level you'll need to build a series of activities based around poems suitable for your teaching context along with a short paper that describes the thinking behind your work.

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iTDi Advanced Course

Poetry in ELT
Two courses from Chuck Sandy. Take either or take both.

Poetry becomes that conversation
we could not otherwise have. – Cid Corman

In Poetry in ELT we'll explore the many ways poetry can be used in the English Language Classroom. In The ELT Creative Writers' Retreat, short poems will lead us into the writing of personal memoir as we work together to develop as writers and explore the depths of our lives while learning how to use a Writer's Workshop Approach in our English classes.

Though the two courses fit nicely together, they also stand nicely alone. Participants are welcome to take either course separately or both courses together.

Live sessions for the Poetry in ELT:

  • Sunday February 7th – course participants only (60 minutes)
  • Sunday February 14th – course participants only (60 minutes)
  • Sunday February 21st – course participants only (60 minutes)
  • Sunday February 28th – course participants only (60 minutes)

Time: 12:00 - 14:00 GMT

Enroll in Poetry for ELT for only US $59

Poetry in ELT + 20 emails + Certificate of Accomplishment for only US $89

Enroll in both Poetry in ELT AND The ELT Creative Writer's Retreat for only US $125

Questions? Contact support@itdi.pro

If you are unable to join the class without scholarship support from iTDi, please apply using the form here

What is a poem? A poem is a poet's voice arranged on the page so that any reader can speak it. A short poem is also a manageable bit of language that can be read in a few seconds. This makes short poems ideal for English classes where reading them can lead into grammar and vocabulary work, provide pronunciation practice, work as a springboard into speaking & writing activities, launch projects of all kinds, and nurture creativity in a variety of ways.

Over four live sessions we'll explore a range of activities & techniques for working with short poems in our English language classes. In our dedicated discussion space, we'll exchange ideas and further explore ways poetry can be used.

By the end of the course you'll have a full repertoire of poetry-based activities to try and a wide-ranging collection of poems suitable for use in any ELT classroom.

Additionally, five times a week during our one- month workshop you'll receive an email from me that includes a short poem along with a recording of me reading the poem, my own reflection on it, and some practices for you to try in and out of the classroom.

Although we'll be working with poems & activities designed for teens & adults, the ideas are easily adaptable for young learners.

Week 1

What is a poem and why poetry in ELT? In this session we'll discuss what poetry is and isn't and explore the benefits of using poetry in the English language classroom. I'll also share some poems and activities to demonstrate the full range of what's possible. Assignment: Choose a poem you think is suitable for your teaching context and explain what makes it a poem and some ways it could be used in class.

Week 2

Poetry as Rhythm, Cadence, and Rhyme. This session will focus on poetry as spoken language and explore the ways poems can lead to pronunciation work and speaking practice. Assignment: Choose & record yourself reading a poem that's full of rhythm, cadence, and rhyme. Discuss ideas for using it in class.

Week 3

Poetry as Written Language In this session we'll look at ways to use poems as springboards into grammar and vocabulary development activities. Assignment: Choose and share a poem that could be used to develop grammar or vocabulary activities. Discuss ideas.

Week 4

Poetry into Project In this last session we'll bring things together and look at some of the ways poetry can be used to launch project-work. Assignment: Reflect on one of the project ideas shared and briefly outline a possible poetry-related project idea of your own.

Chuck Sandy

Chuck Sandy is a teacher, teacher trainer, and author whose many books include the Passages and Connect series from Cambridge University Press, the Active Skills For Communication series from Cengage Learning, and English For Scammers from Wayzgoose Press. He's also an essayist who writes most frequently for the iTDi Blog as well a poet whose work has appeared in little magazines and journals you've most likely never heard of before. Although Chuck leads face-to-face workshops and presentations at conferences and events around the world, he does most of his work with teachers online in the International Teacher Development Intstitute (iTDi) and Gallery Teacher communities. Chuck is a cofounder and director of iTDi and the curator of GalleryTeachers.com. He's currently at work on a new book of reflections forthcoming from Wayzgoose Press. Connect with Chuck on Facebook and on Twitter and visit his Amazon page.