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Get your professional development certified with iTDi

Participants working toward a Certificate of Completion will be expected to spend about 20 hours on class work. This includes attending all four classes (live or through recordings), participating in class forum discussions and completing assigned tasks.

In addition to the above requirements, participants working toward a Certificate of Accomplishment will be expected to create a motivational syllabus or write a short paper applying one topic of the course to their specific teaching context. They should expect to spend about 25 hours on coursework.

Books by Jill Hadfield
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iTDi Advanced Course

Rethink Motivation with Jill Hadfield

Transform your teaching by rethinking motivation with Jill Hadfield. Explore the latest theories, discuss classroom implications, and share activities designed to motivate. Building mostly on Future Possible Selves theory and Second Language Identity you'll learn how to create a motivational syllabus, help learners visualize their ideal second language selves, map their journey, and better enjoy the learning experience. Each motivating live session will be grounded in theory, rich in applied practical takeaway value, and good interactive fun.

Live sessions:

  • Sunday May 10th – course participants only (60 minutes)
  • Sunday May 17th – course participants only (60 minutes)
  • Sunday May 31st – course participants only (60 minutes)
  • Sunday June 7th – course participants only (60 minutes)

Time: 13:00 - 14:00 GMT

Enroll in the entire course for only US $59

Course + Evaluation + Certificate of Accomplishment US $89

Questions? Contact support@itdi.pro

If you are unable to join the class without scholarship support from iTDi, please apply using the form here

You are as many people as the number of languages you speak - Hungarian proverb

In this course you'll explore...
•   theories of how students are motivated
•   reasons for the development of new theories
•   the latest ideas in motivation research
•   practical classroom activities to build into a 'Motivational Syllabus'
•   ways to incorporate motivation into daily language teaching

Course outline:

Week 1: What motivates your students?
In this session we'll explore different theories explaining motivation and new directions in thinking about motivation. This session will provide a background to motivation research and explain exciting new research directions.

Week 2: Imagination, Affect, and Motivation: A Vision of Your Ideal Second Language Self.
In this practical session, we'll look at examples of what teachers worldwide have done to help their classes develop an inspiring vision of their future language speaking selves.

Week 3: Mapping the Journey - Helping students achieve their visions.
The preceding session looked at using the power of affect and imagination in fostering motivation. This webinar will focus on more cognitive activities, such as goal setting and breakdown, planning and strategies designed to help students achieve their goals.

Week 4: Enjoyment of the Learning Experience.
So far we have looked at inner motivation, what students can do for themselves, with the teacher’s help. This final session looks at external factors -- such as creating a successful group dynamic, engaging students, finding interesting topics – which make the learning experience a motivating one. We'll conclude by looking at further ways teachers can make their classes and learning environments more enjoyable and motivating.

Each live session will involve discussion and trying out of activities as well as presentation of ideas and be followed by an online task.

Jill Hadfield

Jill Hadfield has worked as a teacher trainer in Britain, France and New Zealand and worked on development projects with Ministries of Education and aid agencies in China, Tibet and Madagascar. She has also conducted short courses, seminars and workshops for teachers in many other countries. She is currently Associate Professor on the Language Teacher Education team in the Department of Language Studies at Unitec, New Zealand and has been appointed International Ambassador for IATEFL. She has written over thirty books, including the Communication Games series (Pearson), Excellent!, a three-level primary course (Pearson), the Oxford Basics series, Classroom Dynamics and An Introduction to Teaching English (OUP). Her latest book, Motivating Learning, co-authored with Zoltan Dornyei, was published in 2013 by Routledge in the Research and Resources in Language Teaching series, of which she is also series editor.

iTDi Teaching skills development course module 22

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