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I've participated in Jason's lessons and I've found them simply AWESOME. They have rhythm, motivation, and lots of action. You'll learn new things in a sec! 100% enjoyable & unforgettable!
Maria Bossa, Argentina

It has been an energy-blasting thrill to learn from Jason R. Levine! Jase has a natural passion and talent for communicating directly, positively and energetically with all his peers. His teaching, cross-cultural communicating, time management AND hip-hop skills are clearly off the charts… I look forward to every opportunity I have to learn from Jase, and love using the new techniques and I learned with my students, and sharing them with colleagues.
Rebecca Hale, USA

Jason R Levine is our leader, our mentor and the engine that encourages teachers all over the world to keep on learning through priceless sharing. His constant contagious enthusiasm and his never ending positive energy inspire teachers and students worldwide. He is promoting a revolution in language teaching and learning since he provides teachers with incredible professional development. Thank you Jase. You rock!
Maria Alejandra Pinardi, Argentina

Jason’s class was the spark that ignited my desire and lit up my way to a new scope of professional development. It made the motto of a lifelong learning become touchable and meaningful for me. Being in Jason's classes is a joy. They are engaging, interesting and rich with creative ideas. Jason's high spirit and interestingness show me how online learning can be fun and educationally entertaining. His presentation techniques vividly reflect his professionalism and rank him a master in his craft.
Shawqi Shamiri, Yemen

Jason is full of energy to teach his students to motivate them to learn. He is creative, full of ideas. That's why his classes are so interesting that no participant can be passive in classes. His classes are like a game which involves all students into a real festival. Jason is a generator of great ideas how to teach and what to teach. Jason is enthusiasm, energy, talent, creativity, a song festival. He is a real collo king. Jason attracts really talented and enthusiastic trainers to his courses. They are very useful and helpful for teachers. A lot of materials presented in the sessions may be used by teachers with their students. It's fantastic that there are such gifted teachers, full of enthusiasm and ideas to share with their colleagues. Thank you! I take my hat off to you, Jason!
Valentina Saliy, Ukraine

It was totally amazing to be in his class, to feel the Super High-Energy and to be inspired by his brilliant work. The knowledge he's shared is an eye-opener for me and for all other teachers who joined the course. I really feel proud, happy and honored to know him and to work with him for Jase is truly a GREAT TEACHER and LEADER!
Nina Septina, Indonesia

If you're looking for a teacher with passion, knowledge and outside-of-the-box thinking, then Jason R. Levine is the one! From the classroom to worldwide web, he's managed not only deliver enthusiastic lessons, but he also a love for education that inspires him to bring together educators and learners around the world through the advantages of technology to impact learning for all. I, myself, have been inspired by his videos and all he has done to push the boundaries of typical classroom learning in the face of traditional environments that have yet to evolve with the age.
Taiwanda Bason, USA

I attended many of Jason´s sessions and they were all very enriching, with clear goals, simple for everyone to understand, entertaining and kept at an excellent pace. Jason has a great gift, some unique charisma to make content simple and fun.
Fabiana Casella, Argentina

What Jason R Levine aka FluencyMC aka the ColloKing brings to the table of ELT is an enthusiasm and energy that simply makes learning contagious. His classes are highly enjoyable and takes into consideration that his is a world-wide audience. I am certainly no great singer or rapper, but his vision behind ColloIt makes you go AHA!
Ines Hamdi, Tunisia

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iTDi Advanced Course

Rhyme and Rhythm in ELT with Jason R. Levine

Live online sessions will be held in the iTDi virtual classroom on Sundays in February.

Time: 14:00 - 15:00 GMT

Live sessions (registered participants only)

  • Feb 2nd – course participants only (60 minutes)
  • Feb 9th – course participants only (60 minutes)
  • Feb 16th – course participants only (60 minutes)
  • Feb 23rd – course participants only (60 minutes)

Enroll in the entire course for only US $49

Course + Evaluation + Certificate of Accomplishment US $75

Questions? Contact support@itdi.pro

With Jason you will...

Rhyme-On-Time cover
  • Learn to teach with songs for all ages and skill levels.
  • Use music to build pronunciation, listening, vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills.
  • Learn techniques to select pop songs for class and materials to accompany them.
  • Create your own teaching materials, including songs, chants, exercises, and group activities.

By the end of the course, participants will have the knowledge, understanding, and confidence to use songs and song-based activities to significantly promote their learners' motivation, engagement, and communicative skills. All participants will receive a personalized chant written, recorded and performed for them or their schools.

Too many students, across all ages and subject areas, are stuck on the "intermediate plateau." This is because...

  • They don't get enough exposure to the right materials (LOW INPUT)
  • They've had uninspiring instructors and lessons (LOW MOTIVATION)
  • They feel uncomfortable speaking and writing (LOW FLUENCY, HIGH STRESS)

Many have limited exposure to standard English outside of class. Low input leads to low comprehension, which leads to low confidence and low motivation, which leads back to low input.

How can we break this cycle?

We can teach language in high-frequency chunks, or collocations. Then, we need to provide our students with intensive, repetitive practice that is fun -- so they will do it, and low stress -- so they will acquire the language subconsciously. The repetitive nature of songs and chants make them the perfect teaching and practice medium.

All participants will also have exclusive access to ColloTunes songs, lyrics, and activities created by the instructor.

Jason R. Levine

Jason R. Levine (Jase, for short) has fifteen years of experience in ELT as a teacher, teacher trainer, and materials writer. He the creator of ColloLearn, an approach to English language learning based on the songs he writes and performs as Fluency MC.

After earning an MA in TESOL from Hunter College in 1999, Jase taught at several schools before becoming the director of curriculum development for Embassy CES. In 2002, he co-founded a TOEFL preparation school for international students in Manhattan.

Jase is currently Ambassador and Knowledge Entertainer at WizIQ.com where he leads ELT Techniques, the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for the professional development of English language teachers worldwide. He also teaches in the MA TESOL program at the New School in New York City and writes songs and chants for several publishers, including Oxford University Press. He is chair-elect of the TESOL Interest Group Video and Digital Media and works as an English Specialist for the U.S. Department of State.

Online, Jase maintains the ColloLearn YouTube channel and the Fluency MC Facebook page. He is an active administrator of over a dozen Facebook groups for English language teachers and learners, including How to Improve Your English, All Things EFL, ESL, TESOL and Innovative Teachers of English.