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More Breaking Rules Live with John F. Fanselow

A live online course over 4 Sundays

Los Angeles 05:00, Washington 08:00 London Noon, Athens/Istanbul 15:00, Dubai 16:00, Jakarta 19:00, Tokyo 21:00, World time converter.

  • June   2 — Free to all via iTDi Global Webinar* (120 minutes)
  • June   9 — course participants only (90 minutes)
  • June 16 — course participants only (90 minutes)
  • June 23 — course participants only (90 minutes)
  • June 30 — course participants only (90 minutes)

Enroll in the entire More Breaking Rules course for only US $49.95.

The iTDi Global Webinar on June 2nd was a two-hour, free introduction:

Watch the entire recording of the webinar. Webinar recording on YouTube

"Only by engaging in the generation and exploration of alternatives will we be able to see. And then we will see that we must continue to look." - John F. Fanselow

With John, explore ways to ...

  • Identify and break the unconscious rules, habits and beliefs that stifle our teaching
  • Sharpen classroom observation, transcription and analysis skills
  • Make very, very small changes that have a very, very large impact
  • Tap your natural curiosity and that of your students

Why? Because... "Unexamined teaching is drudgery"

Your ESL/EFL classroom can be a place of creativity, excitement, and genuine learning, not just a job site. Your first step is to learn how to take a look at your own routine classroom behaviors, to understand how these "rules" may or may not facilitate learning, and to consider how you might explore other options. Great teaching is the destiny of every dedicated teacher, not the achievement of just a few. Innovative and effective classroom activities are critical, but the essential factor is your cultivated expertise in creating a moment-to-moment learning partnership with your students. "When this happens, the end of a class will find you and your students more energized than at the beginning."

John began his teaching career working in the Peace Corps in Africa in 1961. He taught and trained teachers for 5 years before returning to New York to complete a PhD at Columbia University, where he was quickly invited to join the faculty. → more about John

"Working with John F. Fanselow is like looking in a mirror, which reveals the written and unwritten rules constraining learning in our classrooms. John helps us to non-judgmentally question what we see, change the angle of the reflection, and re-imagine what it means to explore and learn with our students again."

"John F. Fanselow's pioneering work has influenced generations of teachers, teacher trainers, and material writers around the world. John is esteemed for his exceptional ability to revitalize and inspire teachers, even in brief interactions."

"The obvious is often difficult to see and in this course we will begin to learn how we can see the obvious." - John F. Fanselow