More on Assessment – David

Helping Young Learners Get the Most Out of Assessment – David Dodgson One of the biggest ‘changes’ I have witnessed in my current school during the ten years and more I have worked here concerns assessment. When I started here, pencil and paper testing was king, dictating students’ grades and condensing their learning efforts of … Continue reading More on Assessment – David

The Games Issue – Dave Dodgson

Press ‘Start’ to Play & Learn: Game-based learning in the language classroom  – David Dodgson Games have many benefits for learning, encouraging us to learn new skills, develop strategies, think critically, follow instructions, and reach targets to name but a few. The great thing is all of this can be achieved with the knowledge that … Continue reading The Games Issue – Dave Dodgson

Teacher As Author Issue

From materials writing to blogging, there are many ways in which every English teacher is also an author. In this month’s issue, David Dodgson, Katherine Bilsborough, Chris Mares, and Dorothy Zemach (the trainer of the upcoming iTDI Advanced Course, Self-publishing for ELT Teachers) offer their thoughts, perspectives, wealth of personal experiences, and useful practical ideas … Continue reading Teacher As Author Issue

The Unwinding Teacher Issue

For most of us this time of the year is a well-deserved holiday season. What do teachers do to clear their heads and unwind after a day, week, or whole semester of hard work? In this issue, Chris Mares, Aziz Soubai, and David Dodgson share with us their ways to restore energy. Rewinding & Unwinding … Continue reading The Unwinding Teacher Issue